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The Tradition Continues

The poetry of Maura Eichner, SSND ’41, brought national recognition to Notre Dame of Maryland and put it on the literary map. Sister Maura inculcated a love of writing in many students over her 50-year career teaching creative writing and literature at Notre Dame. More than 350 of her own poems appeared in literary magazines and journals, newspapers and collections, including After Silence, a collection of poems chosen by her friends and colleagues that was pub­lished after her death in 2009.


The tradition Sister Maura estab­lished continues with the publication of three new works this academic year by members of the English depart­ment: Jeana DelRosso, professor of English and Women’s Studies and director of the Morrissy Honors Program; Shelley Puhak, assistant professor of English and holder of the Sister Maura Eichner Endowed Chair in English; and Gene Farrington, professor of English and drama.




“'The book, [The Blue Heron] thematically, is about the way we were developed by language,...'It asks the question, is it possible to exist without language?'...This year will see several other publications by Dr. Farrington, who has taught literature and creating writing (play-writing, screenwriting and fiction) at Notre Dame for twenty years. In early 2014, Doubleday reissued his 1984 historical novel, Breath of Kings, set just before the Norman Conquest of England in the 11th century. Six of his plays have been collected into a book (appropriately titled Six Plays) that is slated for publication. And several of his other works—a coming-of-age novel set in 1940s rural Iowa called Aperture and a series of detective novels featuring Michael Roland-James, an openly gay criminology professor living in Washington, D.C.—are also awaiting publication."      Marianne Amoss Univeritas  Spring 2014