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"To his work without flinching the Accoucheur comes..."                 Walt Whitman "Song of Myself"

It is 1930, the West of Ireland, and an unmarried pregnant lass is shipped off from her abbey school in the Connemara to the American Midwest to give birth and to give her child up for adoption.


Narratives have surprise: she has twins and despite all the insistance to the contrary the unwed young mother keeps the the second son and spends her years raising him in middle America by cleaning other people's houses and toilets. The adopted son is raised in luxury in California.


Stories have intrigue and this one reveals one of those twins, a Marine serving heroically in war-torn Korea may not be all he seems. War is the struggle to survive in an environment of death. It's a prison camp, a vile deathbed. It's rain, snow, endless mud and corpses. It's also about buddies, and one, not so buddy – a religious fanatic among those comrades searching to find something he suspects may not be what it seems.


And when we arrive later in the narrative on the volatile national political scene of '80s, it is with the threat of exposure of a dark secret from the Korean war years.