Breath of Kings is the story of Emma, of the Ducal House of Normandy, the wife of two kings, the mother of two kings, who spent her life struggling to exert power and control over the English throne, much of it battling her son, King and Saint, Edward the Confessor. Farrington deals with the realities of the Norman, Saxon, Danish medieval world: violent, crude, difficult, mystical, filthy, corrupt, imbued with sex, but dominated by religion. This is the time just before the Conquest with Athelred, the Unready, Canute the Great and the powerful Saxon Godwins.


Adhering to the historical accuracy of events, Farrington brings to life with graphic details, this tumultuous period of English history, the last reigns of the Saxons and Danes over England. It's a book you can sink your teeth into and stay with for a good read. The work was originally published by Doubleday in the mid eighties, and was recently re-released on Amazon.            click to order


Aperture, a novel set in 1940s rural Iowa, is the story of a precocious boy who loves photography and is being raised by a transvestite auntie during the Second World War. Despite their obvious disadvantage, their life is compensated by having much wealth as a result of Chicago area connection and hence, the ability to travel in luxury. 









The youth captures on film the Trinty tests of the A-bomb in the

Manhattan Project. This is a somewhat different coming of age story. It is tentatively slated for publication in 2015.


Edward of Caernarvon

Produced California State University, Los Angeles

Entry in the American College Theatre Festival


produced University of California, Santa Barbara

Winner of the Corwin Metropolitan Theatre award

The Mass According to Saint Lester

Originally published Statement Magazine

Staged reading University of San Diego

Alice, Where Art Thou Going

Produced LeClerc stage, College of Notre Dame of

Maryland in celebration of college centennial

The Scarlet Tin Soldier

The triangle:John Andre, Benedict Arnold & Peggy Shippen

producedLeClerc stage, College of Notre Dame of   Maryland


Produced Marian B. Copeland Theatre, College of Notre Dame of Maryland

(Ending revised from original production)


Six Plays is slated for publication 2014





The Blue Heron is not just one gripping tale, but multiple narratives which intertwine and eventually converge into a satisfying novel of adventure, conflict, romance, intrigue and historical reflection.  Both literary novel and compelling story, both historical and contemporary, seemingly disperate aspects come together to make a great read.