Gene Farrington, Ph.D. is a professor of English at Notre Dame of Maryland University in Baltimore, MD.  He is novelist, playwright, student of verse and of curse.


Professor Farrington teaches creative writing, theatre and literature. He was born in North Dakota, lived in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio and California. He holds a B.A. and M.A. from California State University and a Ph.D. from University of California, Santa Barbara.




In my Ivory Tower world of academia, my office appropriately is located just beneath the tower at Notre Dame of Maryland University. As a writer and a teacher of creative writing I encounter the one constant which is imagination. It begins with a blank page and it is up to the writer to supply the words, the images, which make a narrative come to life. And therein is the joy of writing, of being a writer.

Creative Writing


Dr. Farrington is part of the creative writing team at NDMU.

He teaches workshops in writing Fiction, Playwriting and Screen Writing.

His colleague

Professor Shelley Puhak

teaches workshops in writing Poetry and Creative Non-Fiction.